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Portrait Photography 101

Mom-tography 101 - Learning how to Shoot Photographs

When: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: Pro Photo Supply Event Center - 1801 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Free, registration required

Join Pro Photo Supply and Panasonic as we welcome Kristen Jensen, a Panasonic Lumix Luminary. Kristen runs a very successful family portrait studio and attributes most of her success to making her clients feel comfortable because she was a model and knows exactly what it feels like to be photographed. Kristen started her photography business as a single mom 11 years ago and started teaching other moms how to shoot way back then, too.

Portrait Photography 101 is a workshop for the beginner photographer that wants to take better photos of their kids.

Topics covered will be:

  • Knowing your camera: what gear, shooting on manual, f-stops, speed, ISO
  • Composition & Lenses: Using a tripod, depth of field, etc.
  • Post Production: How to download, store and share your photos.
You will walk away from this workshop with basic knowledge on how to work with your camera.

About the photographer:

Kristen Jensen of Kristen Jensen Productions is a lifestyle photographer/videographer and image strategist who brings an enlightened and gracious style to her advertising magazine, portrait and video assignments. “I’m in the business of making people feel and look their best”, sayas Kristen.

This unique perspective comes as a result of her years in front of the camera. As a former international fashion model with Ford Models, she made an easy transition to the other side of the lens. Kristen has a wealth of knowledge and experience plus an exceptional eye for those special details that trademark her style. All of this experience has proven to be priceless in her photography/video business.

Kristen is a member of the Panasonic Lumix Luminary team - promoting mirrorless cameras across the USA. She works and lives in Bethel, Connecticut with her son, Noah and their dog Wall-e. She is a member of PPA.

How to Wow Tour with Jerry Ghionis

How to Wow

When: October 22, 2014

  • The Full Experience $295: 9:00am - 8:00pm
  • Daytime Workshop $219: 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Evening Seminar $79: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach
909 N Hayden Island Dr. Portland, OR
Coupon: Save $10 by using discount code: HTWPROPS

Jerry Ghionis' How to Wow Tour teaches posing, lighting, location selection, exposure, and expression for bridal, fashion, boudoir and portrait photography. Known as the “MacGyver” of photography, Jerry will show the audience how to create dramatic “wow” images in any situation. He will challenge himself and the audience to create a variety of photographic looks. He will explain in real time exactly what he does to problem-solve and the steps he takes to produce a “wow” shot.

He will share countless on-the-job examples of how to evoke emotions in challenging clients, how to find light that compliments the subject, and how to be more creative. He will then put all of that into practice in the classroom as he involves professional models and members of the audience to create an interactive photography educational experience like no other.


An evening with Photographer Geoffrey Hiller:
Gallery Show & Book Signing

Geoffrey Hiller

When: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Pro Photo Supply - 1112 NW 19th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Free

Join Pro Photo Supply as we spend an evening with Documentary Photographer, Geoffrey Hiller as he unveils his book, Daybreak in Mayanmar with an evening talk and wide format gallery show of his work. Book signing will follow lecture.

Myanmar in Southeast Asia is one of the least known places in the world, due to the military dictatorship that has isolated the country for the past sixty years. Now that the government is making the transition to democracy, the veil is slowly lifting, as are travel and economic sanctions. In Daybreak in Myanmar these images of a place once frozen in time are unique and timely.

Photographer Geoffrey Hiller has been documenting the people of Burma since 1987 and has returned several times since the historic opening in 2011 to capture evidence of change, not only images of rallies for Aung San Suu Kyi, but the anticipation, hope and concerns of a nation forgotten by the world. Following his award-winning web documentary from 2000, Burma: Grace Under Pressure, Hiller is publishing this selection of 170 color photographs. They are accompanied by interviews with British journalist Francis Wade, who spoke with several prominent Burmese: political dissident Dr. Ma Thida, historian Dr. Thant Myint U, activist monk U Gambira, author Pascal Khoo Thwe, blogger Nay Phone Latt, and memoirist Ma Thanegi. Their words add depth to the images, covering topics such as native spirits and Buddhism, being arrested for blogging, and growing up in an ethnic village on the border.

Geoffrey Hiller’s work has been published in magazines in the USA, Europe, and Japan including Geo, Newsweek, Mother Jones and the New York Times Magazine. His award-winning multimedia projects about Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Ghana, Burma, and Brazil have earned recognition from National Public Radio, The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today. Hiller was a Fulbright Fellow in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2008–2009. Since then he has worked as a media trainer in India, Cambodia and Pakistan. Hiller is the creator and editor of Verve Photo: The New Breed of Documentary Photographer. His home is in Portland, Oregon. Visit his website at

Cinematographer, Shane Hurlbut - "The Illumination Workshop" Tour

Cinematographer, Shane Hurlbut -

When: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time: 8:30am - 7:30pm
Where: Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach - 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217
Cost: $349, registration required

Illumination Experience Trailer from MZed on Vimeo.

The Illumination Experience is a highly interactive workshop that gives you Shane's “Lighting playbook.” This course explains where to place lights, determine the quantity of light, quality of light, how to diffuse, color, create depth, separation and block scenes in a way to deliver the greatest emotional impact.  It shows you how to design, develop and implement the storytelling process from storyboard preparation, through lighting schematics and shot lists.

Hands on immersion prepares you to think on your feet in a way that shows vision and leadership to guide the team around you that you can implement immediately. Your take away is being able to walk into any location, or set and know how to light it with speed, accuracy, organization and being ready for the director. It is theoretical “why behind the how.” Whether you are a seasoned cinematographer shooting on a high end digital platform, or solo artist using a DSLR, these proven techniques are your recipe for success.

  • Understand the fundamentals of three point light: Key Light, Fill Light and Back Light.
  • Know where to place your Key Light which is the cornerstone for all lighting.
  • Determine the appropriate amount of Fill Light necessary for your genre.
  • Learn how to create three dimensional lighting through Back Light.
  • Understand how diffusion impacts light quality.
  • Take the director’s inspiration and turn it into a visual reality.
  • Use color and light control techniques to create contrast.
  • Build lighting schematics and understanding how to block scenes though storyboards to increase your speed and expand your lighting depth as an artist.
  • Special techniques in lighting for DSLR cameras.

The Illumination Workshop ticket purchase also includes The Illumination Experience Workshop Training HD Download (a $449 value!).

Limited "Crew" seats available, don't delay and register today!


Collabor8 | Adventure Filmmakers Panel

Collabor8, Pro Photo Supply, Basecamp Brewing, Clay Pigeon Winery

When: Thursday, November 6, 2014
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: Pro Photo Supply Event Center - 1801 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Free

From kayaking the Colorado River to documenting the lives of Great Apes in Africa, we invite you to attend an evening of inspirational adventure film.

Meet local filmmakers John Waller, Ben Canales, Skye Fitzgerald, Gerry Ellis, and more who will be on hand to show clips from their work and answer questions. Learn the ins and outs of everything it takes to create a great adventure film.

Food and Beverages provided by Pro Photo Supply, Basecamp Brewing, and Clay Pigeon Winery.

Learn More About Collabor8

Master Lightroom with Mark Fitzgerald, the Zen of Post Production

Master Adobe LightroomMaster Adobe Lightroom

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Time: 10am to 5pm (with a break for lunch)
Where: Pro Photo Supply Event Center - 1801 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: ASMP & OPPA Members - $100; Non-members - $150; Students - $75

Each student must bring a laptop with Lightroom installed. A trial version is available online from

In this hands-on workshop Mark Fitzgerald will take you deep into Lightroom’s Develop tools and panels, while explaining how they fit into a real world workflow. He’ll show you what’s possible with Lightroom and how easy it is to turn good images into great ones. Mark will also demonstrate techniques he uses to fine-tune his award-winning images. Once you understand these tools and techniques it will transform your editing workflow and give you the confidence to use Lightroom as your primary editing tool.

Register for the Master Lightroom Event

Book Signing & Talk with Photographer, Author and Storyteller, Janis Miglavs

Janis Miglavs Book Signing

When: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Pro Photo Supply - 1112 NW 19th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Free, please register online

Find out how I turned a personal project into a profitable book, plus learn about a subject you probably never imagined.

Join Janis Miglavs for a photographer’s and adventurist’s visual journey through parts of China and an incredible wine scene not seen by tourists, photographers or many outsiders. Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the booming industry. Along the way learn some secrets, like how to survive drinking wine with local Chinese during the common practice of ganbei.

About Storyteller/Author/Photographer Janis Miglavs:

Since his high school teaching days, Janis (pronounced Yanis in English) Miglavs has worked as a professional writer and photographer with both commercial and editorial clients like National Geographic, Nikon, and a long list of travel magazines.

For the past 15 years he specialized in wine, writing and photographing for all of the major wine publications, including Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and working with winery clients around the world.

Plus he is a former President of ASMP Oregon.

While he has contributed to many major wine books and publications, his own award winning books include PNW Ultimate Winery Guide and Oregon The Taste of Wine, which won a Gold Medal for the “Best Regional Book”, and Wine Spectator magazine called it “one of top reads for wine lovers.”

Now, after five years of travel, research and photography throughout China, he completed his most recent book, China The New Wine Frontier, published in both Chinese and English. In May, at a special ceremony in Beijing, he received the “Best in the World” award for the book.

Workshop: Exploring Depth of Field, Exposure & Composition

Workshop: Exploring Depth of Field, Exposure & Composition

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Where: Pro Photo Supply Event Center - 1801 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: $159, registration required

This workshop will focus on the three main elements of photography. It is intended for all skill levels with an emphasis on the beginner and intermediate photographer. We will start the workshop in the classroom where we will present detailed information on the workshop materials. We will then break for lunch and head out into the field for hands-on shooting, help and instruction.

Topics covered:

  • Depth of Field - What is it? How do I control it?
  • Exposure - Why are my images under- or over-exposed? How do I know if my exposure is right and how do I correct it?
  • Composition - What makes a good composition? What should I look for?

Attendees will be responsible for their own meals and transportation.

Recommended equipment:
  • Camera with manual controls
  • Tripod
  • Lenses varying from wide to medium focal length.
  • Rain gear for you and your camera (just in case)
  • Camera manual (optional)

Sports Photography Workshop with the Portland Winterhawks

Sports Photography Workshop with the Portland Winterhawks

When: Sunday, November 16, 2014
Time: 9:00am to 8:30pm
Where: Memorial Coliseum, International Paper Room - 300 Winning Way, Portland, OR 97208
Cost: $300, Box Lunch and Pizza included

Join Portland Winterhawks Team Photographer, Bryan Heim and Sports Photographer Jeff Hinds along with Pro Photo Supply and Canon for a unique opportunity to learn how to shoot better sports action photographs during a Portland Winterhawk game!

The workshop will start in a classroom with photography instruction from our sports photographers, while learning some tips and tricks. After an arena tour of the shooting stations, each participant will have the opportunity to have hands-on, warm-up, and game-time shooting while receiving constant guidance from one of the photographers. After the game ends, we will wrap up the evening with a post game Q & A and a Canon Inkjet Printer demonstration.

Each registered participant will receive a single game media photography pass. All registered participants must have a DSLR camera, lens and memory card. All images taken will be personal use only, no photograph sale rights will be given. All participants must sign waivers and rights agreements on day of workshop. Pro Photo Supply and Canon will have demo equipment available to use but you will need to have your own camera, lens and memory card as well. Although, this is a Canon sponsored event and all demo equipment (cameras and lenses) will be Canon gear, anyone with other manufactured equipment are more than welcome to participate in all aspects of the workshop.

What you will photograph:

  • Portland Winterhawks - warm-ups and game sports action, high and low setting! (Ambient Lighting only)
Ideal Lenses:
  • 300mm f/2.8; 70-200mm f/2.8; 50mm f/1.8; 85mm f/1.2

Learn More About Sports Photography with Portland Winterhawks

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